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Please note! Our first meeting for 2017 will be on Thursday, the 2nd of March at the National Museum of Australia. More information coming soon.

Join us!

Download a membership form. Please consider joining our association for some great professional contacts and free access to PD sessions throughout the year. The new membership form for 2017 is now available.

National History Competition

This competition provides a deep, curriculum matched learning experience - please send for an information pack from the NHC site. ACTHTA will be happy to help you take part. Visit http://www.historychallenge.org.au to find out more.

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Download the poster - 2017 National History Competition

The Simpson Prize

One of your students could be travelling overseas in 2018 ! Please visit the Australian War Memorial site (https://www.awm.gov.au/education/simpson-prize/) which includes a link to the Simpson Prize site, for details on how to enter. The 2017 winners leave soon, and there will be plenty of time for your students to enter this year’s competition to travel in 2018 !”

HTAA e-bulletin January 2017

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