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Dear P-12 teacher, school leader, community member and stakeholder:

ACTHTA 2018 Membership Form

Thank you for your interest in joining the ACT HTA (Australian Capital Territory History Teachers’ Association).

We are a small but dedicated group of primary, high school and college teachers and leaders, and range of community institutions and groups, who work together to provide a range of professional learning, resource sharing and strategic networking events throughout the year. We are very excited to be organising the National Conference in 2018! We have key working groups who want to develop our web site and a Facebook page, various competitions we run and support, the National Conference and more – you would be very welcome to join any of these too.

To join your ACT HTA simply complete these 3 easy steps –
1. Complete this very easy membership application, selecting the type of membership you/your group desires
2. Use the BSB and account number to pay your Jan 2018-Jan 2019 membership (please clearly note in the transfer subject section your full name & where you are from)
3. Email the treasurer Daniel Manestar (daniel.manestar@ed.act.edu.au ) the completed form, letting us know the money has been transferred

... and we’ll add you to the mailing lists so you will be aware of everything going on and coming up!

Matthew Noonan
ACT HTA Secretary

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