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History Teachers' Association of Australia Annual Conference

2 - 4 October 2018, Canberra

Visit www.historyconference.org.au to find out more and submit your proposal. We’d love great practice and assessment ideas! Due 31 March 2018.

2018 ACT HTA Meetings: New Venue, Helpful Information and Dates

The ACT HTA is meeting in 2018 in the inspiring MoAD in room L2, which is adjacent to the Behind the Lines 2017 exhibition in the Lower Gallery. The terrace café is on that level & open to 5pm so teachers/leaders/community partners can grab a takeaway coffee/tea/hot chocolate/snack to bring to the meeting!

Entry would be best through main reception at the front of the building. Reception staff know we are coming, and will direct people downstairs to L2 if needed.

It is paid parking until 5pm. MoAD useful details and parking information https://www.moadoph.gov.au/visiting/ Parking descriptions: Type: Multi-stay Disabled: Yes Motorcycle: Yes Volunteer: No Credit Card: 7 Meters Coin: 1 Meter.

Meeting Dates for 2018
Thursday March 1 2018
week 4 term 1
2018 Memberships due
Thursday April 5
week 9 term 1
2018 final call! for Memberships
Thursday May 3
week 1 term 2

Thursday June 7
week 6 term 2

Thursday July 5
week 10 term 2

Thursday August 2
week 2 term 3

Thursday September 6
week 7 term 3

Thursday November 1
week 3 term 4

What Matters? Competition

The Museum of Australian Democracy is a partner for the exciting What Matters? Competition which is run by the Whitlam Institute.

The link below takes you to the website which has the students entries forms on it, including details about one of this years’ overall winners. https://www.whitlam.org/the_program/what_matters_writing_competition/what_matters_2017

You can also click on the following link to join their newsletters @moad_canberra /museumofaustraliandemocracy Join our newsletter

For more information, please contact Andrew Harper Deputy Director Email: andrew.harper@moadoph.gov.au Phone: (02) 6270 8170 18 King George Terrace, Parkes ACT 2600, Australia PO Box 3934, Manuka ACT 2603.

Free! Quality Teaching Resources for Schools

(schools only have to provide feedback and share your successes)

The Rabaul and Montevideo Maru Group of the Papua New Guinea Association of Australia (PNGAA) commenced Project 150 in Australian high schools just over 3 years ago.

During that time over 150 history teachers and high schools have been contacted in regards to the teaching materials and dvd, and they have attended the HTAA National Conferences in Sydney and Brisbane and intend to attend the HTAA National Conference in Canberra next year. The feedback from history teachers has been greatly appreciated. Also, the support of History Teachers' Associations throughout Australia.

Patrick is able to post school leaders, teachers and community partners copies of the teaching materials upon request (see 3rd attachment in this email), and next year it is intended to put this updated document on the Rabaul & Montevideo Maru Society's website with the 15 minute DVD, Some Came Home, as an embedded resource. www.memorial.org.au . This teaching document has been prepared by Karen McPherson, a member of the ACT HTA, and Patrick.

Please email Patrick for more information, and with feedback (formal or informal) at Patrick Bourke Rabaul and Montevideo Maru Education Committee PNGAA

E : patrickbourke58@bigpond.com

ACT HTA 2018 Working Groups

Are you gifted and/or talented with ICT and marketing? (or even just interested in learning more as part of a range of small, practical projects?)

Do you have any project management, professional and/or community organisational skills and/or want the chance to develop them?

The ACT HTA President Ann and VP Deb are eager to hear from any continuing and/or new members interested in being part of the following Working Groups:

  • ACT HTA 2018 web site and promotional materials review, research, budgeting and brainstorming team

  • ACT HTA 2018 National Conference organising team.

Both have already formed and commenced research they will present to the ACT HTA Executive then at meetings during 2018, and more participants on both are very welcome! Email Ann at aparry49@gmail.com if interested, or with any offers, questions and ideas.

Join us!

Dear P-12 teacher, school leader, community member and stakeholder:

ACTHTA 2018 Membership Form

Thank you for your interest in joining the ACT HTA (Australian Capital Territory History Teachers’ Association).

We are a small but dedicated group of primary, high school and college teachers and leaders, and range of community institutions and groups, who work together to provide a range of professional learning, resource sharing and strategic networking events throughout the year. We are very excited to be organising the National Conference in 2018! We have key working groups who want to develop our web site and a Facebook page, various competitions we run and support, the National Conference and more – you would be very welcome to join any of these too.

To join your ACT HTA simply complete these 3 easy steps –
1. Complete this very easy membership application, selecting the type of membership you/your group desires
2. Use the BSB and account number to pay your Jan 2018-Jan 2019 membership (please clearly note in the transfer subject section your full name & where you are from)
3. Email the treasurer Daniel Manestar (daniel.manestar@ed.act.edu.au ) the completed form, letting us know the money has been transferred

... and we’ll add you to the mailing lists so you will be aware of everything going on and coming up!

Matthew Noonan
ACT HTA Secretary

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